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Sugar Glider Cage Guide

Sugar gliders are happy in a cage with plenty of room to play.

By Audrey Pavia

Provide sugar gliders with the largest wire cage you can afford and house. The larger the cage, the more perches and exercise you can give to your sugar gliders.

You can use a cage designed specifically for sugar gliders, or one designed for small birds. Cages are available in floor-mounted or countertop style.

A cage for one or two sugar gliders should be at least 36 inches high by 24 inches deep by 36 inches wide. Sugar gliders feel safest when up high, so the taller the cage, the better. The bars of the cage should be no more than a 1/2 inch apart. 

Locate your sugar glider’s cage in an area that is quiet during the day and well-ventilated. A wire cage allows for good ventilation. Do not house your sugar glider in a garage, basement or dark part of the house.
The area where you keep your sugar glider’s cage should provide indirect sunlight during the day, but never direct sunlight. Keep the cage away from heaters and radiators, and out of drafty areas.

Sugar gliders are most comfortable at temperatures between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, although they will more active in warmer temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s a good idea to expose your sugar glider to natural daylight rhythms. House its cage in a room that gets indirect sunlight. Some sugar glider owners use infrared lights so they can observe their gliders at night. 

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Sugar Glider Cage Guide

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Reader Comments
Great article. It makes me sad that most people keep their suggies in such small cages and don't see anything wrong with it.
Annie, Buffalo, MO
Posted: 2/11/2013 8:57:53 AM
i like wild animals but these guys seem a little to much to be treated as domesticated
ashlee, east brunswick, NJ
Posted: 7/1/2012 9:35:22 AM
In my opinion, its ok, with a large cage, I ordered a cage thats twice the size of a macaws cage. You shouldnt own a lion or a tiger, but these little guys are cool. These are ok. Besides, they will only get eaten out in the wild by larger prey and they cling to humans. ;) They wouldnt wanna be anywhere else, TRUST ME
Lydia, Ossining, NY
Posted: 6/9/2012 1:36:22 PM
In my opinion you should not own them. They are exotics.
Tikki, Will not give., PA
Posted: 3/14/2012 7:23:46 AM
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