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Other Pets and Animals

If you're a small animal owner, chances are you own a cat, dog, fish, pet bird, reptile, horse or other pet. We've got websites that cover those pets, too. Check out these great infographics for fun informative information all about pets!

Rumination Station infographic

Ruminant Digestive Path

Learn how the stomach of cows, sheepgoats and other ruminants differs from other animals. What goes on in that four-chambered stomach? And find out fun facts like how much saliva and methane cows produce. Click here>>
4 Ways to Dive Into Fishkeeping Must Know Facts About Pet Rabbits Fat Cat or Fit Cat?

Fishkeeping Tips

Pet Rabbit Facts

Fat Cat or Fit Cat?

Interested in keepig pet fish? This fish infographic offers tips on cost, freshwater and saltwater fish stats, how long to quarantine new fish, life lessons, when to change light bulbs and lots more. It's all about fish! Click here>> Rabbits need toys, rabbits can't live without hay and nonbonded rabbits might fight — these are just three of the must-know tips about rabbits that every rabbit owner or rabbit enthusiast should know. Do you know them all? Click here>> More than half of U.S. cats are overweight, and 32 percent of cats are actually obese. If you have a fat cat, what can you do? Follow the tips all about cat weight in the Fat Cat Or Fit Cat? infographic. It's must-have cat information. Click here>>

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Other Pets and Animals

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