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Hamster Housing

Find and read articles on your hamster's housing.

Understanding Your Hamster’s Sleep Schedule
Learn to work with your hamster’s sleep schedule instead of altering it.

Campbell’s Hamster Home
These eight cage setup tips will help you set up your hamster’s best habitat.

The Chinese Hamster Cage Setup
Not sure how to prepare a hamster home for your Chinese Hamster? These cage setup tips will start you off in the right direction.

Cleaning A Hamster Cage
Follow these three tips for a squeaky clean hamster cage.

Finding a Lost Hamster
Is your hamster lost? These five tips will help you locate your missing hamster.

Hamster Bedding And Litter
Provide safe bedding for your hamster to dig and burrow in.

Hamster Housing Maintenance
Develop a schedule to keep your hamster’s environment clean.

Hamster Travel Tips
Be prepared when traveling with a hamster.

Hamster Wheel
Your hamster needs to run and running is what your hamster will do best in an exercise wheel.

Ideal Hamster Cages
Know your options when choosing a cage for a hamster.

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