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Hamster Behavior

Find and read articles on your hamster's behavior.

All About Hamster Sleep Habits
Is it possible to make hamsters wake up earlier or later?

Hamsters Living With Other Pets
Can a dwarf hamster live with a guinea pig, rabbit or other pet species?

Pairing Up Dwarf Hamsters
Is it OK to pair up dwarf hamsters in a cage?

12 Strange But Common Hamster Behaviors
From stuffing their cheeks to staying up all night and more, hamsters do things we might think are strange but the behaviors are actually quite normal.

All About Syrian Hamster Temperament
Syrian hamsters make great pets if you know about their needs and temperament.

Campbell’s Hamster Cage Aggression
Check out this information on what to do if your Russian dwarf hamster bites you or is aggressive when you reach into its cage.

Hamster Behaviors Revealed
Be familiar with hamster behavior and know how to prevent bites.

Hamster Elimination Habits
Clean your hamster’s elimination area daily for a happy, healthy pet.

Hamster Facts: Common Misconceptions About Hamsters
Discover the facts about hamsters sharing a cage, biting, being held and how hamster color relates to personality.

Hamster Temperament
Find out what to look for in a hamster’s personality when buying a pet hamster.

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