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Ferret Housing

Find and read articles on ferret housing and caring for your ferret's environment.

Essential Ferret Checklist
Make sure you have these supplies on hand before your new ferret comes home.

Amazing Ferret Abodes!
Four ferret owners share their secrets to crafting creative habitats for their pet ferrets.

The Evolution Of Ferret Cages
Today's ferret cages evolved from outdoor hutches into ferret homes.

Ferret Housing Tips
Check out these tips for safe ferret housing.

How Ferret Owners Can Keep Current With Animal Law
Rules and regulations about ferrets can be difficult to find, but these suggestions can help you keep current.

Include Your Ferrets In Your Moving & Travel Plans
Research the laws regarding ferret ownership before moving to or visiting a new location.

Ferret-Proof For The Holidays
Be safe, not sorry, by ferret-proofing for this holiday season.

Ferrets and Fish Tank Safety
Fish and ferrets live in separate worlds, and for the safety of both, those worlds should never meet.

How To Clean Your Ferret’s Cage
Use these tips about cleaning ferret cages and habitats to make this task as quick and easy as possible.

How Well Do You Ferret-Proof?
Take this quiz to find out how well you ferret-proof your home.

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