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Ferret Behavior and Training

Find articles on why ferrets display certain behaviors and how you can train for them.

Young Ferret Attacks Female Ferret
Is this aggressive play between ferrets normal, or is it something to be concerned about?

Ferret And Baby Interaction
Is it possible to teach a ferret to leave a baby alone?

Ferret Bites Wrists Of Owner
How to prevent a playful ferret from biting your wrists.

Ferret Food Smorgasbord
Is it a good idea to offer a variety of foods to a ferret if it only seems to like one type?

Ferrets Can’t Seem To Get Along
What can be done about ferret introductions if one ferret keeps getting beat up?

Ferret Treat Switch And Ways To Handle Ferrets
What are good treats for ferrets and how can you get ferrets to cuddle?

New Ferret Stops Using Litter Box
Why would a new ferret suddenly stop using the litter box?

20 Strange-But-Common Ferret Behaviors
Have you seen your ferret do any of these strange-but-common behaviors?

About Ferret Biting
Knowing why ferrets bite and how to react are key factors to prevent biting.

Methods To Combat Ferret Biting
Use these tips to control a nipping ferret.

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