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American Rabbit  Breed Profile American Rabbit: Existing for nearly a century, the American rabbit breed has a medium-sized, mandolin-shaped body. Its erect ears that come to a tapered point sit atop a narrow head. It boasts a dense undercoat. More >>
American Chinchilla Rabbit  Breed Profile American Chinchilla Rabbit: Bred down from the Standard Chinchilla, the American Chinchilla rabbit breed has dense and glossy fur that has chinchilla coloring. The coat has a slate blue undercoat and long, white guard hairs with black ticking. More >>
American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit  Breed Profile American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit: Originally bred from a Holland Lop and Angora, the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit breed has folded ears as well as a long, wooly coat that is dense and coarse to the touch. Its body is short, stocky and muscular. More >>
American Sable Rabbit  Breed Profile American Sable Rabbit: The American Sable rabbit breed has a dense sepia brown coat of soft, fine fur, though it has coarse guard hairs. It is shaded darker along its ears, face, legs and tail. Its medium-size body has a smoothly arched back and a well-rounded mid-section. More >>
Belgian Hare Rabbit  Breed Profile Belgian Hare Rabbit: The Belgian Hare rabbit breed was developed in the 19th century for its lean appearance. It has long legs and hears, and its long, narrow body gives it an athletic poise. Its glossy fur is reddish brown with a slate blue undercoat and black ticking. More >>
Beveren Rabbit  Breed Profile Beveren Rabbit: The Beveran rabbit breed has a mandolin-shaped, medium length body that is sturdy. Its boasts thick and glossy fur. More >>
Britannia Petite Rabbit  Breed Profile Britannia Petite Rabbit: With its fully arched body, tucked belly and fine bones, the Britannia Petite rabbit breed has a slender appearance. It is known for its curiosity. More >>
Californian Rabbit  Breed Profile Californian Rabbit: The Californian rabbit breed was originally bred in the 1920s as a cross between the New Zealand White and the Himalayan. Its round shaped body tends to be plump and fleshy. It has smooth white fur that is tipped around its ears, nose, feet and tail. More >>
Champagne D'Argent Rabbit  Breed Profile Champagne D'Argent Rabbit: The Champagne D’Argent rabbit breed has a plump, firm-fleshed body. Although it is born black, it lightens to a bluish white color after two months. Its fur has a slate blue under coat with longer black hairs. More >>
Checkered Giant Rabbit  Breed Profile Checkered Giant Rabbit: Known for its distinctive markings, the Checkered Giant rabbit breed is white with dark eye circles, butterfly marking on its nose, spine strip and patches on its cheeks and body. Its body is long and well-arched. More >>
Cinnamon Rabbit  Breed Profile Cinnamon Rabbit: The Cinnamon rabbit breed is a reddish color with an orange undercoat. It has gray ticking, a grey belly and rust-colored spots on its hind legs, face and feet. A butterfly marking marks its nose. It is related to the New Zealand White, Checkered Giant, Californian and Chinchilla. More >>
Crème D'Argent Rabbit  Breed Profile Crème D'Argent Rabbit: The Crème D’Argent rabbit breed has creamy white fur with an orange undercoat, which makes it appear a pale orange color. The coat is dense and has a butterfly marking on the nose. It has an arched body. More >>
Dutch Rabbit  Breed Profile Dutch Rabbit: The Dutch rabbit breed has a round, sturdy body. Its fur is short and shiny. A white blaze marks its nose and white band its neck, but it has a dark saddle and head. More >>
Dwarf Hotot Rabbit  Breed Profile Dwarf Hotot Rabbit: Known for its black eye bands resembling eye liner, the Dwarf Hotot rabbit breed was first bred in the 1970s in Hotot, France. It has a short, compact body and short ears. The black eye bands are especially startling against the rabbit’s lustrous white fur. More >>
English Angora Rabbit  Breed Profile English Angora Rabbit: A breed that is nearly 200 years old, the English Angora rabbit breed has a short-coupled, compact body. Its long, wooly fur grows 3.5 to 5 inches long and feels silky to the touch. It needs groomed frequently and risks hypothermia when wet. More >>
English Lop Rabbit  Breed Profile English Lop Rabbit: The English Lop rabbit breed is noted for its floppy ears, that can reach lengths of 25 inches by the time it is 4 months old. It has a mandolin-shaped body with a full, rounded chest. More >>
English Spot Rabbit  Breed Profile English Spot Rabbit: The English Spot rabbit breed has a lean body that is well-carried off the table. Its white fur is marked with chain spots extending from its neck to its hip. Dark ears, eye rings, nose and back stripe also mark this breed. More >>
Flemish Giant Rabbit  Breed Profile Flemish Giant Rabbit: The Flemish Giant rabbit breed has a long, heavy body, though it is not fat and is well-balanced. More >>
Florida White Rabbit  Breed Profile Florida White Rabbit: The Florida White rabbit breed was developed from the Dutch, Polish and New Zealand White. It has a short body but with well-developed shoulders and hindquarters. It has white fur and pink eyes. More >>
French Angora Rabbit  Breed Profile French Angora Rabbit: The French Angora is a sturdy rabbit breed. Developed for its long, wooly fur, it has a dense coat that grows 2.5 to 3.5 inches long. However, it has less hair on its head, ears and legs than the English Angora. More >>
French Lop Rabbit  Breed Profile French Lop Rabbit: Developed in 1800s from English Lops and Flemish Giant, the French Lop rabbit breed is heavier and has shorter ears than English Lop. It has a thick body and heavy bones. Its glossy coat sports nose, eye and ear markings. More >>
Giant Angora Rabbit  Breed Profile Giant Angora Rabbit: The Giant Angora rabbit breed has longer hair around its ears, face and legs than the other angora breeds. It has very dense coat made of wooly hair, usually about 4 inches long. Because of its long hair takes a long time to dry, it is prone to hypothermia if it gets wet. More >>
Giant Chinchilla Rabbit  Breed Profile Giant Chinchilla Rabbit: The Giant Chinchilla rabbit breed was developed from the Flemish Giant and pure Chinchilla during World War I for its meat. Its has a powerful body with broad shoulders and hindquarters. Its coat is chinchilla-colored, a slate blue undercoat and long, white guard hairs with black ticking. More >>
Harlequin Rabbit  Breed Profile Harlequin Rabbit: The Harlequin rabbit breed was first bred in the 1800s and has developed into two groups, the Japanese and the Magpie. The Japanese alternates the base color with golden orange while the Magpie alternates the base color with white. More >>
Havana Rabbit  Breed Profile Havana Rabbit: The Havana rabbit breed was developed in the late 1800s from a wild rabbit. It is a short, stocky rabbit with glossy fur. More >>
Himalayan Rabbit  Breed Profile Himalayan Rabbit: The Himalayan rabbit breed has a long and narrow, cylindrical-shaped body. It is white with dark markings on its nose, ears, tail, feet and legs. More >>
Holland Lop Rabbit  Breed Profile Holland Lop Rabbit: A dwarf breed of lop, the Holland Lop rabbit breed has a short, thick body. A strong, define ridge protrudes its crown. More >>
Hotot Rabbit  Breed Profile Hotot Rabbit: The Hotot rabbit breed has a well-rounded, thick body with a frosty white coat. Its distinctive black eye bands have the thickness of about two pennies. More >>
Jersey Wooly Rabbit  Breed Profile Jersey Wooly Rabbit: The Jersey Wooly rabbit breed was bred for its coat in the 1970s. It has long wooly fur that grows 2 to 3 inches long. The guard hairs are thick and, overall, the coat is very dense. In contrast, its body is short and compact and it has short ears. More >>
Lilac Rabbit  Breed Profile Lilac Rabbit: The Lilac rabbit breed has a light pinkish grey coat that is dense. Its body is compact and well-balanced. More >>
Mini Lop Rabbit  Breed Profile Mini Lop Rabbit: Developed in the 1970s, the Mini Lop rabbit breed has a compact, muscular body. Its fur is glossy and dense. More >>
Mini Rex Rabbit  Breed Profile Mini Rex Rabbit: The Mini Rex rabbit breed, developed from a standard-size Rex, has a short, compact, well-balanced body. Its fur is short and plush with short, erect guard hairs that give it the feel of velvet. Because of a lack of protective fur on the foot pad, this breed is prone to foot disease. More >>
Netherland Dwarf Rabbit  Breed Profile Netherland Dwarf Rabbit: The Netherland Dwarf rabbit breed has a small, compact body with short ears and large eyes. When fully grown, an adult resembles a kit. Because it has a small head and jaw, the Netherland Dwarf is more susceptible to dental disease. More >>
New Zealand Rabbit  Breed Profile New Zealand Rabbit: The New Zealand rabbit breed has a long, muscular body that was developed for meat and fur. It is very well-balanced. More >>
Palomino Rabbit  Breed Profile Palomino Rabbit: Named for its similar coloration to the Palomino horse, the Palomino rabbit breed has a cream- colored layer under the main coat. Its body is broad with a slight arch shape. More >>
Polish Rabbit  Breed Profile Polish Rabbit: A small compact breed, the Polish rabbit, has very short ears that are set close together. The Polish’s fur is short, fine and dense with a glossy sheen. More >>
Rabbit  Rabbit Breed Profile Rabbit : Rabbits are known for their hopping, ears and soft fur. A lesser-known fact is that their skin is very delicate and tears easily. Although cute, rabbits generally aren't cuddly. They can be litter trained, however, and perform rabbit agility. More >>
Rex Rabbit  Breed Profile Rex Rabbit: Developed in 1919 from a mutation, the Rex rabbit breed is a meaty rabbit with extremely dense, velvety fur. This distinct feel comes from its short guard hairs that are nearly the same length as its undercoat, about a 1/2 inch long. More >>
Rhinelander Rabbit  Breed Profile Rhinelander Rabbit: The Rhinelander rabbit breed has a graceful appearance and boasts calico-colored markings. Its fur is white with 6 to 8 black and orange round spots. It also has black and orange markings on its nose, ears, cheeks and eyes. More >>
Satin Rabbit  Breed Profile Satin Rabbit: The Satin rabbit breed, which developed from Havana mutation, is known and named for its coat. The fine hair shaft and transparent hair shell give the dense coat a silky look. More >>
Satin Angora Rabbit  Breed Profile Satin Angora Rabbit: The Satin Angora rabbit breed has shiny fur that is finer and more brilliantly colored than the other Angora breeds. Its dense coat grows about 3 inches. More >>
Silver Rabbit  Breed Profile Silver Rabbit: A medium-size rabbit, the Silver rabbit breed has a short coat. The white guard hairs against the dark surface color create the silver look that the rabbit is known for. More >>
Silver Fox Rabbit  Breed Profile Silver Fox Rabbit: The Silver Fox rabbit breed has a large, meaty body with dense fur that grows about an inch long. Its coat is black with silvering and is coarse to touch. More >>
Silver Marten Rabbit  Breed Profile Silver Marten Rabbit: The Silver Marten rabbit breed, which was bred from the Chinchilla, has mostly dark fur with silver-tipped guard hairs and markings. Eye bands, a triangle on the neck and a silver belly adorn this breed. More >>
Standard Chinchilla Rabbit  Breed Profile Standard Chinchilla Rabbit: The Standard Chinchilla rabbit breed has a round body and gradually arched back. Developed from the cross of a wild gray and domestic rabbit in 1913, it derived its name from the color of its fur. The blue undercoat and long, white guard hairs with black ticking resemble that of a chinchilla. More >>
Tan Rabbit  Breed Profile Tan Rabbit: The Tan rabbit breed has similar marking to Doberman Pincher, with a dark body and a tan underside, eye bands, nose, ears and tail. Developed in 1880 from a wild rabbit and Dutch cross, it has a well-rounded, cobby body. More >>
Thrianta Rabbit  Breed Profile Thrianta Rabbit: One of the most important aspects of the Thrianta is its color, which must be an intense orange or orange-red. It’s a medium-sized rabbit that was only recognized by The American Rabbit Breeders Association in 2006. More >>

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