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Winter White Hamster

Winter White Hamster Breed
Winter White Stats
Scientific Name:  Phodopus sungorus
Size:  3 to 4 inches
Origin:  Siberia, in the grasslands of the southwest
Life Expectancy:  1.5 to 2 years
Temperament:  Winter White dwarf hamsters are a little more timid than their close relatives, the Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, and make darling pets.
Varieties:  Purebred Winter White dwarf hamsters are available in only two colors – the wild (agouti) dark brown and a sapphire gray. Either color can appear with a pearl pattern that creates a white base color with a sprinkling of darker guard hairs.

Winter White Species Profile

Winter White dwarf hamsters are named for their natural camouflage. If exposed to longer nights and shorter days during winter, they become dusted with white over their base color, which they regain in the spring.

Winter White dwarf hamsters are best kept in same-sex pairs or small groups reared together from a young age. Their interactions are as much fun to observe as to participate in.

To maintain harmony, handle and give treats to all members of a dwarf hamster pair or colony each time any hamster is handled or given a treat. While their usual hamster mix can be served in a dish or by scattering it for them to gather, hand-fed treats reinforce a good relationship. Treats can include bits of fresh vegetables, but avoid fruits, corn and dairy products, because Winter White dwarf hamsters are susceptible to diabetes.

Winter White dwarf hamsters are most active at night, but may gradually alter their sleep patterns to be awake for a bit whenever attention is routinely available. They're more easily startled than most hamster species, so they are best kept in a quiet spot. They require lots of daily exercise, so a quiet, solid-surfaced wheel is essential. The larger the group, the more exercise wheels required, because a group of dwarf hamsters usually wants to be active at the same time.

While one to three Winter White dwarf hamsters can be comfortable in 2 square feet of living space, more will require a larger home, additional wheels, water bottles and private spaces. To maintain harmony in a dwarf hamster group, enclosures, tubes and other toys shouldn't have areas where one Winter White dwarf hamster can corner another in a squabble.

The recommended habitat for Winter White dwarf hamsters is a 10-gallon aquarium with mesh cover, or a similarly sized cage or storage tub with a fitted wire-mesh cover. A pair or trio of Winter White dwarf hamsters living together require a larger habitat. The habitat must have good ventilation and be escape-proof and easily cleaned. Walking, play and wheeling surfaces should be solid for safety.

Feed Winter White dwarf hamsters a commercially made hamster-specific diet, supplemented with tiny portions of hamster-safe fresh vegetables. Feed at the same time daily, have fresh water and dry food available at all times, and remove any veggies before spoiling.

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