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All About America's Favorite Pets

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1 | Editor's Note: Bunny Basics
By Amy K. Hooper

Are you thinking of sharing your home with a rabbit for the first time? Have you just brought home your first fluffy-tailed friend? Then you've picked up the perfect magazine to help you and your bunny start off on the right foot!

The tips shared by Rabbits' writers can guide your journey and lead you to many other resources. We've covered everything from finding your ideal bun and introducing it into a home that already includes pets to topics like searing for a rabbit veterinarian and recognizing this species' common health problems. 

4 | Bunnies 101
Rabbits become great pets when we respect their special traits.
By Ifsha Buttitta

You have decided to welcome a bunny into your home! The pleasures of living with a rabbit are plentiful. Before bringing home your bundle of fluff, you need to be aware of rabbit-specific issues so the transition is happy and smooth for everyone.

8 | A Rabbit's Life
Peek into your pet's life stages so you're prepared.
By Cheryl Morrison

When it comes to cute and cuddly, furry little bunnies are hard to beat. A rabbit's appearance and behavior will change as it progresses through life, though, and so will its needs. You'll want to know how your new friend will act differently as it ages from a kit to an adolescent to an adult to a senior.

12 | And Bunny Makes Two Or Three
How will you safely introduce a rabbit to your dog or cat?
By Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

Bringing a rabbit into your home is always fun but occasionally challenging. That experiment can become ambitious if other pets already live with you.

Before you add a rabbit, look at your household realistically. If your two terriers are avid hunters, you have to think very carefully about adding a bunny, especially a young one. The same is true if you have an indoor/outdoor cat (and as a veterinarian, I encourage you to keep your cats safe and indoors).

16 | Part By Part
Let's celebrate rabbits' unique physical features!
By Cheryl Morrison
Long ears, muscular haunches and cotton ball tails — oh, those tails! — make rabbits stand out in the animal kingdom. They also have less obvious anatomical traits that distinguish them from other household mammals.

20 | How To Find Your Rabbit
You need to take your time and ask questions while looking for the ideal bunny.
By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

One day at work, Janey Long of Colorado Springs, Colorado, saw a photo of Seymour, a co-worker's pet Angora rabbit. Instantly, Long knew that she wanted her own bunny. But where to find one?

When it comes to choosing a rabbit to cherish and cuddle, this is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you opt for a small breed, you'll share 6 to 8 years with this bunny — or 7 to 10 years with a larger one — so making the right choice involves a big commitment. Spending a few weeks searching for the rabbit that best suits you pays off in the long run.

26 | 5 Bunnehs To Ponder
Which breed best suits your family and lifestyle?
By Kevin Fogle

In our house, my wife and I have an ongoing conversation about the best type of pet for our family, and she inevitably ends up advocating for a rabbit. I suspect that her opinion might be slightly biased by her childhood pet, Scarlet O'Hare, a New Zealand White rabbit that served as a constant companion throughout her youth.

32 | Your Shopping List

Pick up these bunny essentials before the big day.

When you're ready to bring a rabbit into your home, you need to make sure that your home is ready for your new pet! Before that bunny bounces into your life, you've got some shopping to do.

34 | Ready To Rescue?
Here's what to expect when adopting a rabbit from a rescue group.
By Stacy N. Hackett

When Louise Haynes made the decision to find a companion for her Rex rabbit, Frank, she turned to the Internet.

"I went on the website for The Bunny Bunch, a local rabbit rescue group," says the pet owner from Norco, California. "I saw a young castor Mini Rex who had been rescued from the streets of Long Beach." 

38 | Singles Or Doubles?

A rescue volunteer offers advice about living with one or more rabbits.
By William Corradini

Now that you plan to bring a bunny into your home, the question becomes: one or two? My wife and I live with 11 house bunnies, many of them seniors — and all of them have a partner. (There is even a threesome in the mix.) Our first two rabbits appeared in 2008 behind our house after their owners dumped them, and we began volunteering with a local rabbit rescue, fostering rabbits in need of forever homes. We work with organizations like Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, and also consult with our small animal veterinarians (We have more than one!) regarding the best care for our furry pets. 

42 | On The Highway To Health
Do you know what to keep your eyes on so you can avoid common medical problems?
By Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

At long last, house bunnies rank right up there with dogs and cats as popular pets! It is important to realize, though, that rabbits have unique health requirements and issues compared to other companion mammals.

48 | What's Up, Doc?
Here's what to know when searching for a rabbit veterinarian.
By Linda Rehkopf

First-time owners of domestic house rabbits can get a jump on their bunnies' healthcare needs by finding veterinarians who know bunnies from the furry outside to the inside. A veterinarian's knowledge of rabbit anatomy could preserve your pet's good health — and prevent a minor illness from becoming a health crisis.

52 | First Aid For Your Rabbit
Can you recognize health problems and provide help quickly?
By Sari Kanfer, DVM

Every day, your bunny greets you for breakfast. Then one day it doesn't. Is somehting wrong with it? What can you do? How do you know when to take it to the veterinarian?  

60 | Hoppin' Homes
While creating your bunny's abode, you need to include 8 elements.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

When it comes to housing, Harold has it made. The rabbit — a rescued New Zealand cross owned by Megan Johnson of Roseburg, Oregon — has his own room that includes a comfy cage with floor-to-ceiling windows, a plush pink rug for lounging, agility equipment, tons of toys, a well-appointed litter box, and all the timothy hay he can eat. 

66 | Protect Your Bunneh!
Remember to rabbit-proof your home to make it safer.
By Diane Morgan

Naturally clean and curious, house rabbits are quick to litter-train. Housetraining and house manners, however, are another proposition. While rabbits are not destructive on purpose, they have a biological imperative to chew. Their 28 teeth grow about 2 millimeters every month, and gnawing keeps them at the proper length. 

70 | More Than Carrots
You can quickly grasp the essentials of your bunny's nutritional needs.
By Samantha Johnson

How hard could it be to feed a rabbit? They eat carrots, right? While the basics of a rabbit's diet are a bit more complex than Bugs Bunny cartoons might indicate, understanding the basics of rabbit nutrition isn't all that difficult. Arm yourself with the appropriate information, and discover the best choices for providing a balanced diet that will keep your rabbit healthy for many years.  

76 | The Facilities
Yes, your rabbit can learn to use a litter box.
By Deana Mae Nelson

You might have noticed that your bunny likes to "go" in the same spot or the same few spots. Rabbits are generally clean animals; they like to urinate in separate areas from their resting spaces. This common behavior is a natural for bunnies, which makes it fairly easy to train them to use litter boxes, but sometimes they need a little help.  

80 | Beautiful Bunnies
Keep your rabbit looking its best with these grooming tips.
By Stacy N. Hackett

Max the Rex doesn't like wire brushes. In fact, if Michelle James attempts to use one while grooming Max, he will try to nip her.

"When I'm brushing Max, I use a soft bristle brush," explains the rabbit owner from Menifee, California. "I hold him on my lap and talk to him quietly while I brush him."  

84 | Come To Hoppy Hour
All the cool bunnies are hangin' out together.
By Sharon Stiteler

Imagine a room shaped like a small gymnasium where crowds of people pressed against the wall form the border of a large rectangle. In the center of the room sit wooden ramps, bridges, hurdles, cardboard tubes, hay, litter boxes, water dishes and close to 100 rabbit running amok.

88 | In Top Form
Rabbit shows bring the "wow" factor.
By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

Want to "ooh" and "aah" over a few thousand cuddly bunnies? Then you need to visit a rabbit show! It's a crowd-pleasing, furry expo of little eyes, bit ears and fluffy tails.

92 | Buns On The Move
Here's what to know before traveling with your rabbit.
By Sharon Stiteler

I've had five rabbits share my travel adventures over the last 20 years. All shared my daily commute, while others joined me on long car trips. You might find that your rabbit can even tolerate air travel, but it varies from bun to bun.

94 | Resources

96 | The End

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