Joanne Colangelo - Another Chance for Guinea Pigs

Joanne Colangelo lives in New York where she shares her home with her husband and daughter.  She is a teacher in Westchester County and volunteers for a number of animal rescue organizations and is a board member for the Putnam Humane Society in New York.  She is currently owned by three dogs, five cats, and six guinea pigs.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Looking For A Baby Guinea Pig? Try Rescue!

Like all baby animals, young guinea pigs are absolutely precious. Guinea pig babies are born fully furred, with open eyes, and ready to eat and walk. They should remain with their mothers for at least three weeks, and if they are handled a lot (but gently, please), they will grow to be quite tame. It’s no wonder so many pet parents want them – they’re so hard to resist! View Blog>>

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Rescuing Guinea Pigs From Pet Stores?

When it comes to those in need, I just have to help. They might be birds, bugs, reptiles or just about any animal. As a youngster, I fished out bugs struggling to stay afloat in our swimming pool. Nowadays, I don’t think twice when stepping out into the middle of traffic to detour cars away from a turtle slowly crossing the road or a dog wandering off leash. View Blog>>

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Adopting Older Guinea Pigs

When I was ready to adopt another piggie (or two, or three, or…), I made a trip to The Critter Connection, which was the closest guinea pig rescue I could find. It only took me three hours to get there! I was immediately impressed by the dedication of Cindy and her volunteers to give the guinea pigs such extraordinary care. She even knew each one’s personality!View Blog>>

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Guinea Pigs Are Not For Everyone

Just the other day, my daughter and I were watching TV together when she glanced over and saw my guinea pig, Sweetie, cuddled on my lap. Knowing how much I love my dogs, cats and guinea pigs she said, “Mom, you’re so lucky that Daddy and I aren’t allergic to our pets. Gosh! What would you do?” View Blog>>

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Guinea Pigs Are So Much Work!

Our family was taking a vacation, and I asked my mom to watch my guinea pigs while we were away. In addition to pellets and timothy hay, I left various types of fruits and vegetables for mom to feed them daily. When I returned, the first words out of my mother’s mouth were, “I don’t know how you do it! Guinea pigs are so much work!” View Blog>>

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Bringing Annie Home

A new volunteer had joined our cat rescue group when she began bragging about her guinea pigs. At the time, I knew little about them except from having seen them in pet shops. So, when she invited me to her home, I eagerly accepted and was curious to see what the fuss was all about. View Blog>>

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Why Rescue A Guinea Pig?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about animals. I didn’t know it at the time, but my first “rescue” came when I was 8 years old. Mom and Dad came home from shopping with a giant brown bag one Saturday afternoon. Curiosity got the best of me and to my delight, when I peeked into the bag, it was filled with snails. Wow! View Blog>>

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Fun With Guinea Pigs

We have all been enjoying Leah McNeil’s wonderful adventures with her guinea pig, Princess Snowflake. Since Leah needed to take a little break, who else would jump at the opportunity to fill in for her but me, Princess Snowflake’s mother-in-law. View Blog>>

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