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Bob Church, Author
Robert Church Robert Church, aka “Bob C” in the ferret community, currently lives with eight ferrets in a collegiate community in Missouri.

An ex-Navy veteran corpsman, Church studied photojournalism in New York, primarily working for newspapers, but also for magazines and wire services. He worked extensively in California, Texas and Arkansas, but also did work in New York, Greece and Israel. A generalist photographer, he earned many awards and citations for his sports, news and political photos. After retiring from newspaper work, Church went back to school to earn dual degrees in anthropology (archaeology) and biology (zoology) before attending graduate school to study zooarchaeology — the study of animal bones from archaeological sites. Church believes in volunteering within the community and has donated time and services to the Boy Scouts of America, Little League, church youth programs, and online tutoring in photography, science and elementary school skills.

graphic The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -- Mahatma Gandhi. graphic

Church has homed ferrets continuously since the early 1990s and has expertise in polecat and ferret diets, domestication, carnivore enrichment, mustelid behavior, ferret and polecat anatomy, odontology and osteology, mustelid ecology and feral issues, and ferret environmentally caused medical issues. He has been working on the Ferret Project, a worldwide investigation of ferret diet, husbandry, medical issues, DNA and breeding practices. Church is a popular and sought-after speaker on various ferret issues and has lectured at ferret events and veterinary conferences around the world. His ferret articles and photos have been published in veterinary books and journals, and numerous ferret publications, foreign and domestic. He has been writing for Ferrets for the last 8 years, contributing care and how-to articles and a regular column.

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Bob Church offers tips to help ferret owners conserve water and ferret food.

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What can you do to keep your ferret cool when hot weather hits and you don't have air conditioning or the power fails?

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Helping ferrets in pain or distress might be difficult because ferrets are so stoic.

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Would you recognize if your ferret was in pain or distress if it wasn’t crying out?

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